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Augmenting and Optimizing the Landscape of CRM for Sales

Creating Effective Solutions from Experience

FieldForce Systems is a labor of love of the founder, Brett Palladino, who had first-hand experienced his fair share of CRM systems, grew frustrated. Having been closely involved in the land of sales in his family business and later employment, he realized that there is a need for a CRM system optimized for sales reps. With the intention to help businesses streamline their workflow, he set off on a venture to create what is now FieldForce Systems.

The company runs with strong values held in the belief that businesses do well and make the most of sales opportunities when they are organized and connected with their customers. The CRM system we provide is built to meet all these demands and values.

Enabling Sales Reps to Foster Customer Relationships

Relationship-driven sales are key to any company’s long-term success and favorable reputation. Our CRM system allows sales reps to make this a possibility. By leveraging modern technology and experiential experience of the owner himself, we have sought to create a system that focuses on automation. With manual tasks taken care of by the system, sales reps can focus on fostering relationships with clients and customers.

The fact that our product is optimized for sales is what makes it stand out from various other available in the market. Cashing in on Brett’s experience in the sales department, we have created ForceField to meet all the requirements that a salesperson can need from a CRM. All things combined, our goal is to make things easy for sales reps so they can manage everyday tasks easily while building profitable connections with customers.

Our Vision

“Shape FieldForce Systems as an enabler that helps businesses reach their growth potential by maximizing sales, offering products that surpass quality standards.

Our Goal

“Create and introduce systems that automate sales and workflow process, allowing sales reps to build strong customer relationships.”

Meet the CEO - Brett Palladino

From joining his family’s HVAC/Plumbing subcontracting business to becoming managing large-scale projects, Brett Palladino is indeed an experienced individual. After spending years as a sales rep and project manager, he was quick to discover a need for salesperson-oriented CRM. With his expertise in Six Sigma, he made his ideas come to life.

Now he is busy in making sure that industries like construction, subcontracts, HVAC and plumbing services, supplier/vendors and others are able to maximize their sales potential with a CRM optimized for their sales rep.

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