Brett Palladino – Professional Bio

Brett Palladino is a Project Manager by vocation with an extensive experience in conducting both sales and management aspects of work. He is the founder and CEO of FieldForce, which specializes in creating CRM products for a wide range of industries. While originally from New England, his company is based in Florida. While still in its nascent stages, FieldForce is a promising company that is focused on solving CRM issues for sales reps in the construction industry.

His path to making this dream come true began when Mr. Palladino began working for his family’s HVAC/Plumbing business. Even though the work became second nature to him, he still had to face quite a number of operational struggles, especially sales-related. Gauging the situation, he quickly realized that the industry lacked some sort of automation.

Mr. Palladino then enrolled at Villanova University in 2007, graduating a year later with certifications in project management and Six Sigma. These certifications allowed Mr. Palladino to learn strategies that allowed streamlining of business functions. They also gave him a perspective into how things work in different industries.

Equipped with what he had learned while working as a sales rep and then studying for his certifications, Mr. Palladino made his way into being a project manager. From there, he made his way through the ranks and quickly gained competency in his area of work.

But his experience and frustration with the available CRM products with insufficient features rekindled his interest in solving the problem. So he gathered what he had learned in one place and got down to work.

After spending a sizeable amount of time on research, he found talented developers that brought his vision to life. Over years of work, he had been able to create a CRM that was made with the sales rep in mind.

The main objective that Mr. Palladino wanted to achieve from this system was to enable sales reps to streamline menial tasks and focus on building relationships. Not having such a tool at his aid during his time as a sales rep gave Mr. Palladino the perspective required to make the perfect solution.

He also added his insight into the construction industry to further cater to a niche market that is usually left ignored. FieldForce is designed in a way that centralizes all sales and customer management-related operations in one place and helps organize the entire company. With this thought in mind, Mr. Palladino’s goal is to maximize the potential of CRM applicability and extend it to accommodate other industries along with construction.

Along with working to further improve his life-long dream i.e. FieldForce, Mr. Palladino also manages a multi-million dollar HVAC/Plumbing project in the Boston area.

He is married; and when not working on developing FieldForce, he spends some downtime with his family and friend. Or you can find him making use of his pilot’s license that he got in 2007.