Welcome to FieldForce

If you’re looking for an ideal way to gain insight into your business operations and activities, FieldForce has the ultimate CRM platform for you to ensure you always stay ahead of your game. With unique features, you’ll be able to organize your clients’ accounts, manage contacts and generate quotes with ease.

Now manage all your accounts and contacts using a single database with convenience and keep a close track of the inventories and deals. FieldForce CRM platform enables you to track connections between our accounts and the status of each deal. You can access all your files from any device anywhere and create, share and manage conveniently.

With FieldForce, you can maximize your business productivity and save a great deal of time required to manage the business documents manually.

What is CRM?

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is a software program that allows you to manage your customer accounts and organize the data related to your business relationships. It stores the information and preference of your clients and potential deals. You can use the program to keep a track of the interactions you carry out with your existing customers and prospects. Allowing you and your team to access the information from a single location, you can execute your tasks without spending a lot of time and money.

Attributes of FieldForce CRM

FieldForce CRM is designed to support your business on the path to success through maximizing the convenience in managing data. You can store the data in form of graphs and charts and keep an effective track of the progress in real-time. Having a close eye on the varying sales trend and deal statuses, FieldForce CRM enables you to make informed and proactive decisions. The key features of our program entail:

Account Management

To run a successful business, you need to be aware of each customer and the progress of every account individually. FieldForce CRM offers you a central platform to store all your accounts and their related information. You can gain relevant insights to create possible sales opportunities. The program enables you to analyze the accounts and enhance the user experience to boost sales.

Contact Management

To increase your business productivity, using FieldForce CRM can help you keep a record of contact data of your existing and prospective customers. This enables you to track connections between the customer accounts and their relationship with your company. You can see their previous activities and interactions to understand their buying behavior and preference.

Deals Management

FieldForce CRM enables you to define parameters for your business. It offers you better control over each step in the process of service delivery. You can monitor every transaction and deal and draw insights from the ongoing operations. FieldForce takes pride in being the only software to offer its customers a deal management attribute and continues to bring substantial profit to the companies using its service.

Streamlined Quotes and Estimation

Our CRM program allows you to streamline the generation of business quotes by arranging them on the basis of quotation numbers, client details and individual deal specifications. This increases your business efficiency and enables you to be more responsive to your customers.

Moreover, FieldForce program gives you a 360-degree overview of your own business, allowing you to know how well you are performing and the possibility of organizational growth. It can estimate your sales and predict growth.

Data Tracking and Reporting

Having the insight on how your company is progressing and how successful your sales attempts are can help you make more informed and productive decisions based on the efficiently tracked and clearly reported data. FieldForce CRM develops charts and graphs of your performance to give you readable and comprehendible visual depiction. You can use them to improve your company performance.

Management Tree

One of the significant features of FieldForce CRM program is that it allows you to make a management tree. It’s an attribute that allows the sales manager and assigned sales representatives to remain updated with each other’s performance. The sales manager can keep a track of its team and see the progress of each member on individual projects. This feature can ease the management across your company and build team efficiency and competence.

Being the admin, you’ll have access to control all sales related activities of your team. The CRM program allows you to appoint the head of the accounts and decide who takes the charge of which activity. In the FieldForce software, you can have a hierarchical management tree where you’ll be able to keep track of sales managers and representatives’ performance. The program offers you a holistic platform to handle your team, deals in progress, lost deals, accomplished deals and respective commissions of your subordinates across the company.

Commissions Management

Knowing how much commission your sales manager has earned and keeping a track on the transaction is one of the key features that FieldForce CRM offers. You can easily remain informed about the sales incentives and commission percentages as the project moves towards completion.

FieldForce CRM offers a highly detailed and meticulous system of managing commissions of your sales team. It categorizes the commissions into three divisions: service commission, maintenance commission, and project commission. This helps the sales manager to keep a vigilant track of each of the team member’s performance and the operations and activities going around. Having such tracking and monitoring ability further strengthens the management tree which results in improved team performance.

Unlimited Team Size

No matter how large your team is and how many contractors you have onboard, FieldForce CRM allows you to integrate an unlimited number of sales team members. You can now manage an extensive team with improved visibility to maximize productivity and accelerate target achievement.

How to Use FieldForce CRM?

FieldForce CRM program is quite user-friendly. It is simple to set up and use. There are different tabs for each feature and you can handle them individually for better management and visibility. The process of using the program is explained underneath in simple steps.

Making Your Profile on CRM

Firstly, you have to register with us. This starts with setting up an account on FieldForce. You’ll be asked to fill in a form with all the details like your name, company’s name and contact information.


Selecting the Pricing Plan

You’ll have to select a pricing plan which would state the type of service you want to have.

Force Starter includes features like single sales member, customer management, contact management, deals management, quotes, estimation, and reporting. If you choose Force Premier, you’ll be able to further avail 1-5 sales members alongside email integration, calendars, and management tree structure features. Going for Force Pro gives you access to unlimited sales team members and the additional feature of commission management.


Updating Customer Accounts

Once you’ve set up your account on the FieldForce CRM, the next thing you have to do is to start updating the information about your sales deals and progress. For this, you have to set up customer accounts. Update the information about the client account and you’ll have a clear display of all the entries you make.


Forming Customer Directory

Once you’ve listed your existing customer accounts, the next thing to do is to update the contacts diary. Here you can save your present and prospective clients’ contact information to access quickly.

When you’ve upgraded the details, you will see the information displayed in an organized and visible manner for immediate use.

You can add and remove the columns as per your need and preference.

Maintaining Deals

This is the most crucial and insightful step that allows you to keep all the important details streamlined and on hand for the entire team to access through a single portal. You can effectively accumulate all the information related to a deal including its present status, steps due in the process, reasons for delay and loss, scheduled meeting, expected amount, bidding details and competitors to look up to.

Having this information readily accessible in an organized manner can save you a tremendous amount of time.


Quote Management

FieldForce offers customized quote management for different phases of your deal. You can have three types of quotes: proposal, labor, and estimation.

When you go for proposal, you can keep the entire team in the loop to inform about the basic details of the deal, its scope, and the estimated cost.

Similarly, you can maintain quotes of labor and parts required for certain deal. This allows you to manage things in an organized manner and keep the relevant information at the same place. Estimation is one of the key features of FieldForce CRM that allows you to breakdown the cost of required materials and labor including transportation details.


Setting Up New Team Members

You can add new members of the team to the program by setting up their profiles. All you need to do is enter the email and select a username. Assign a password and add basic details like name, role, and service.

You can also put the project commission, service commission and maintenance commission percentages to have better commission management. You can have 1-5 sales members in Force Premier and unlimited in Force Pro.

Commission Management

Once you’ve set up the sales team members’ account on the FieldForce CRM program, you can easily manage their respective commission, too. When you set up the new member account, make sure to provide their percentage in the project and maintenance commission.

You’ll see three categories of commission: service, maintenance, and project.

The service commission is dedicated to keeping a tab of one-time commissions such as that of repairs.

Maintenance commission, one the other hand, is an automated feature that auto-populates whenever a maintenance contract is renewed. This saves you from keeping a check on every maintenance contract on your own. You’ll get to know it as the maintenance commission percentage will emerge on the main dashboard.

The third one is the project commission. This entails on-time per project commission for individual team members. These commissions are maintained in percentages for easier management. All the percentages are confidential and only the sales manager has access to the commission-related information. This helps you keep an effective track of your team’s performance. On the commission tracking dashboard, you’ll find upgraded percentages of service repairs, maintenance contracts, and projects. Using the commission feature of FieldForce, you can achieve the respective share of each member in the net profit as well as the received amount individually.


Email Setup

FieldForce CRM allows you to manage your emails right through the program. You don’t have to go back and forth to check and tally your mails to coordinate with your deals. You can access them at the same place, saving substantial amount of time and avoiding hassle. What you’ve to do is click on the“Sync Mail” option, and choose the email provider you want to connect with your program. Once you choose the mailing account, you’ll ultimately have a display of your mails on the portal to use with ease.


Benefits of Using FieldForce CRM

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage your deals-related information and make it accessible to your entire team at the same time to build work efficiency, FieldForce CRM is an ideal choice. It can give you unlimited benefits with respect to team management, deals, and quotes monitoring and boosting team productivity.

Seamless Management

Using FieldForce CRM program, you can easily manage your sales deals and client accounts, knowing when you have appointments due and where a sales’ pitch has reached. Choosing to do so manually can result in mismanagement and the risk of human error is heightened. Having FieldForce’s access, you can remain updated of any and all updates and information. You can add, remove and update any information or account as per the need.

Increased Productivity and Sales Boost

Doing repetitive and routine tasks can not only be time-consuming but also lower down the employee efficiency. Having a CRM system allows you to have tools to automate your task and maintain your data with increased efficiency.

Your employees no longer have to waste their time in boring tasks such as manually filing and updating information. The FieldForce CRM can do it all by itself and improve the internal processes to boost employee productivity.

Strengthened Teamwork

The CRM portal not only has the customer-related information but all the relevant details related to ongoing deals, labor and materials inventory, overall company’s financial and sales progress, and the team’s performance.

FieldForce compiles and maintains the data in a manner that it gives insights to the entire team as to how deals are faring and the company is progressing. The reasons for certain deal failure and scope of a proposal is made known to all the members.

This ensures that they are all well-informed and are taking efficient measures from their respective ends to achieve successful results.

Sales Boost

When you have organized set up with information efficiently managed at every step, it ultimately enhances your capability to make the right moves at the right time. You know when to message or meet a client when the best time to approach a prospect is and how to do it, and which sales team member is best-suited for which client.

You know the status of each account and pitch, allowing you to strategize accordingly. This timely information and updates help you in maintaining a healthy customer engagement process, resulting in a significant sales boost.

User-Friendly Software

FieldForce CRM program is quite simple to use. You can set up your team’s account easily and start working on the projects right away. All you have to do is put in the data and the software will organize it on its own before giving you a simplified display of the information to use as per need.

Data Reporting and Visualization

The most significant benefit of FieldForce CRM Software is the data reporting and visualization it offers. You don’t have to go through the entire trouble of putting data separately to achieve graphs. Our program can do it all by itself.

You can select from a list of options the type of reporting you want. The program reports five main

• Historical Deals
• Account Deals
• Active Deals
• Won Deals by Sales Rep
• Won Deals by Sales Manager

Each of these categories has a subcategory for you have detailed look into how things are progressing. In the “Historical Deals” you can have data representation on the basis of loss reasons, allowing you to know which weak areas you need to work on. In “Account Deals,” you can get a comparison of won and lost deals to monitor the success ratio of your sales team. “Active Deals” give you a breakdown of deals on the basis of their stage, status and source. You can also get a forecast on how close you’re to win a pitch.

Customize Your CRM Program

Unlike any other CRM program, FieldForce software enables you to maintain your account in a customized way. You can choose from a range of plans, depending on your team’s needs and requirements. Also, each account can be individually personalized. Every member of your team can update their respective deals and projects they’re working on and the cost of labor and maintenance for each project.

Moreover, we can also have our developers customize the design and outlook of the CRM program for you based on however you want to arrange the features. With marginal additional billing cost, you can avail this benefit proffered by FieldForce.

If you choose FieldForce Pro, you can have unlimited members listed in your program and gain access to the premium feature of commission management. Rather than holding back to a standard process, FieldForce can modify the program as per your requirements. Be it additional tabs or integration of a new feature, you can have them in your tailored version of the software.

The program enables you to manage your team, ongoing projects, closed deals, prospective accounts, and your team’s performance singlehandedly from the portal.

FieldForce offers a comprehensive and simple CRM program to its users. You can organize, manage and monitor the data effectively while boosting the overall efficiency and productivity of your business.