Our Features

Designed to maximize convenience and help you on your path to success, our CRM platform also allows you to benefit from all sorts of data in the form of graphs and charts that can help you track progress and make the right decisions for your business. By keeping a close eye on sales trends, our platform also ensures that you will be able to direct your sales and marketing efforts towards the right channel to increase revenue and generate profit unlike ever before.

Customer Management

Being the most important part of any CRM software, our Customer Management feature allows businesses and contractors to gain insights regarding customers and prospects to create sales opportunities.

Users of FieldForce will be able to leverage data and analytics to upsell and cross sell effectively to increase sales figures. Additionally, by providing a customized and consistent user experience, it will be possible for businesses to keep businesses hooked to your services and contribute to improved referral rates.

Contact Management

Build and nurture relationships to generate better leads with FieldForce.

Customers love nothing more than feeling valued – and FieldForce can help with just that! With a comprehensive contact management feature, our platform lets you to view and evaluate opportunities based on their potential, allowing you to make the right decisions for the growth of your business.

Deal Management

Interested in delivering excellence each time? We’ve got you covered.

With a deal management feature unlike any other, FieldForce allows you to define parameters for your deals, and deliver excellence every step of the way. Allowing you to monitor and draw insights from customer history, product status, and all constraints on the operational level, our deal management feature is perfect for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.

Quote Management

The Quote Management feature of FieldForce allows businesses to streamline the generation of quotes with the help of quotation numbers, client names, and unique and pertinent details regarding each project.

Offering increased visibility of your clientele, the Quote Management feature also enhances efficiency of your systems, and allows you to be more responsive to your customers, increasing your chances of getting leads.


Not sure where your business stands? Our estimation feature has been built especially for you.

Giving you a holistic view of the condition of your business, FieldForce comes complete with an estimation feature allowing you to know and understand more about your business and how well it is performing than ever before. Allowing you to see values and accurately forecast growth, the estimation feature gives you the chance to develop and incorporate the right innovative strategies that will drive results.


Need data to make informed decisions? Look no further than FieldForce!

Featuring world-class tools for reporting and tracking, our platform allows you to leverage data of all deals and performance allowing you to make decisions that are in the best interest of your business. With the help of charts and graphs, you will also be able to assess your performance over time and draw insights to optimize processes for improved results.

Email Integration

Ready to save time and effort all while communicating seamlessly? We’ve got you covered.

Streamlining your processes has never been this easy! Whether you need to sync your Gmail contacts with your CRM or are interested in leveraging email marketing platforms such as MailChimp to send mass emails, FieldForce comes complete with integration options to make your communications as convenient and hassle-free as you’d like.


Need greater visibility of all of your tasks, meetings, and activities? You’ve come to the right place.

With FieldForce, you can sync your calendars together to ensure that you never miss an important meeting again! Allowing you to create new tasks and manage existing ones efficiently, FieldForce can help increase productivity and support you in your journey to achieve targets like never before!

Management Tree Structure

Need to manage large teams effectively and efficiently? FieldForce is just what you need.

The Management Tree Structure feature of FieldForce imitates the hierarchical structure that works for most businesses and organizations, allowing one individual to be set as the admin. This admin will then have the freedom to appoint sales managers, assigning sales rep members to each sales manager for a comprehensive tree structure that can be used to delegate tasks, set objectives, and track progress.

Commission Management

With a seamless commission management solution, FieldForce allows contractors and businesses to keep track of all commissions, remuneration, and sales incentives.

Whether you’re receiving payments in full at the start of the project or will receive them upon completion of the project, the commission tab will have all details regarding commissions compete with percentages that will be set by the CFO or admin. For added security, all requests will have to be approved beforehand for optimization.

Unlimited Sales Team Members

At FieldForce, we understand that limiting the size of your teams is out of the question if you are looking for optimum results. That’s exactly why our CRM comes integrated with an Unlimited Sales Team Members feature allowing you to benefit from the expertise and experience of numerous professionals without worrying about the management aspect.

Designed especially for large and growing teams, the Unlimited Sales Team Members feature gives you improved visibility of all tasks, operations, and members of sales teams to maximize productivity and achieve targets.

1 - 5 Sales Team Members

Allowing greater visibility of your sales team’s performance, this feature of FieldForce gives you the chance to track progress and leverage insights in order to set challenging and meaningful targets for your team.

Giving you a comprehensive view of team activities, the 1-5 Sales Team Members feature allows users to mitigate risks and chances of error through effective collaboration. Streamlining all data and operations, the feature can also be used to maximize output.

Efficient Data Migration

Our systems come integrated with the right features and functionalities that will help you manage and migrate all of your sales data for added efficiency and optimization.

Enhanced Visibility

Complete with dashboards and graphs for increased visibility, our CRM platform gives you the chance to deal with reporting in a way that suits you best.

Sales Management

By providing you full visibility of your sales figures, trends, and insights, our unique CRM system gives you the chance to manage your entire sales pipeline without a problem.

Giving you the chance to track progress at each step, our platform has been specifically designed to help add value.